About Karen (that’s me!)

I began a regular yoga practice in 2010. In 2014 I completed my first Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher 200 hour teacher certification through YogaWorks.  In 2017 I continued my training through the Annie Carpenter SmartFLOW method and am presently in the final phase of my advanced 300 hour SmartFLOW teacher training. I also have education in nutrition for sports & fitness, meditation, pre-natal yoga and yogalates.  I am also a certified teacher of barre fitness and aerial yoga.


What led me to being a yoga teacher?

My Dharma (my purpose): Guiding my students to a place where they can mentally “pause” and explore their physical bodies mindfully, carefully and with an understanding of what the movement principles are that keep them in safe alignment as they move through asana. I create a space for my students to focus on themselves and observe their mind-body connection (the YOGA) and how a yoga practice might positively effect their lives off the yoga mat. My wish is for my students to discover true peace in their minds, bodies and hearts.

At age 3

I begin ballet and love everything about it, and I continued to dance until I was an adult.

At age 18

I discovered “gym life” including weight training, aerobics, Pilates etc.

At age “30-something”

I discovered chiropractors to relieve acute low-back pain, due to imbalanced muscle development & tightness in my body.

Around age 40

I tried my first yoga class… which was not love-at-first-try. Soon after, I decided to try it again and started taking classes regularly, which meant I began living in a body in-balance. One year later, three major crises unfolded for my family and I in a matter of weeks: my teenage son was diagnosed with an incurable liver disease; we discovered my stepson had a prescription drug addiction, and my husband’s business suffered devastating turmoil.

That’s when I really discovered how yoga was also benefitting my emotional and mental states – I became acutely aware of how important my breath practice and meditation were to my well-being and finding a way back to a peaceful mind. My yoga mat provided a sanctuary for me more than anywhere or anything else.

25 Things About Me

1.  I was born in Edmonton, Canada and lived there until I was 32.

2.  I never learned to swim growing up, but when I was 30 I took swimming lessons and even became a PADI certified diver.

3.  I have walked on fire

4. I am an extra in the movie Popstar, in a front row concert scene.

5. Champagne is my favorite drink, followed closely by red wine.

6. I once went to the movies with an Oscar-winning producer/director.

7. I love Twizzlers, red and black.

8. I almost never eat the last bite of my food, ever.

9. I have two Jack Russell terriers.

10. When I was growing up I was obsessed with Gilligan’s Island.

11. I have been backstage at a Rolling Stones concert.

12. I have seen Aerosmith in concert more times than I have counted, and once saw the whole show from ON-stage. That same show was filmed for a “VH1 Behind the Music” and I am on film.

13. I have been to a party at the Playboy Mansion.

14. I have done a “firewalk”, twice.

15. I hate snow.

16. I really hate being cold. Which is why I hate snow.

17. I worked as a flight attendant for 6 months, which took me all over Europe.

18. My 3 favorite cities are New York, Paris and Los Angeles.

19. I like at least 7 hours of sleep a night.

20. I hated country music until my last birthday, now I love it.

21. At girl scout camp when I was 7 years old, I was voted Miss Congeniality.

22. I was in Times Square for New Year’s Eve once, which was amazing.

23. The first time I agreed to go to an aerial yoga class I had never heard of it nor did I have any idea what it was.

24. I never eat mushrooms, ever. For any reason. They gross me out.

25. I have 3 tattoos.